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Sunday, 22 February 2015 16:23

Ian and Alona Wedding Day

Written by Judy Landau

Mazal Tov Ian and Alona on your wedding day
22 February 2015

From the ponderings of Judy Landau…
Did I hear correctly? Ian said he has been introduced to a lovely lady by her relatives. Interesting, because I didn’t think that he might ever take THE step as he is shy when it comes to such things. It sounds promising, let’s see what happens.
They met and got on very well. Time passed and they fell in love. It is such a lovely story with the families and friends all extremely happy.
Being everyone’s Jewish mother, I wanted to meet Alona and see for myself that Ian was truly happy. Within minutes of meeting Alona, it is obvious. She is a delightful and easy going person and a good match for Ian. The welcomed gift of flowers that I took were carefully placed in a vase and she appreciated them. Alona’s smile told the whole story.  
With the date set and all the arrangements made, Steve and I headed off to the happy event and we watched as they committed their lives to each other.
Mazal tov to you both from us all in VAJEX Australia. It is so rare and nice to report on a simcha!
VAJEX Australia now boasts another new Non service member nominated by myself. Welcome Mrs Alona Mansfield!

alona-signing.JPG beautiful-bride.JPG extremely-happy-couple.JPG

getting-ready-to-sign.JPG happy-couple.JPG i-now-pronouce-you.JPG

ian-waiting-for-alona.JPG lifting-the-veil.JPG mansfield-boys.JPG

mansfield-family.JPG married.JPG nearly-married.JPG

portrait.JPG the-ceremony.JPG vows.JPG


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