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Sunday, 22 May 2016 14:13

2015 Private Greg Sher Memorial Awards

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Mr Felix and Mrs Yvonne Sher presented the awards inagurated by VAJEX Australia in memory of their son, Private Gregory Sher obm, at the VAJEX Australia 2016 ANZAC Commemoration service held on 1 May 2016 at the Glen Eira Town Hall Auditorium.

Greg was tragically killed in action in Afghanistan on 4 January 2009.

Greg Sher Awards 2015 - winners - VAJEX Australia

The Individual Winners

Beth Rivkah Ladies College - Megan Gorley

Megan’s involvement in all school activities has been a pleasure to see. She has been involved in Yad L’eEzra as a volunteer and has been very involved in our Tzedakah committee raising funds for various causes. She has been named as Health and Well-being Prefect for 2016. Her enthusiasm and good behaviour make her a worthy recipient for this award.

Greg Sher Award winner - Megan Gorley

Beth Rivkah Ladies College - Michal Goldberger

Michal’s involvement in all school activities has been a pleasure to see. She has been involved in Yad L’Ezra as a volunteer and has been very involved in our Tzedakah committee raising funds for various causes including raising money to buy a motorbike for MDA in Israel. Her constant efforts and enthusiasm have been one of the main drivers behind this amazing initiative. She is a hardworking and determined young lady who has been made a Prefect for the Tzedakah committee in 2016. She is a worthy recipient of the Greg Sher award.

Bialik College - Elana Forbes

Elana exemplifies what it means to lead by example. She is a true leader. Elana consistently gives her time and energy to volunteer to make the school and the world a better place. Elana has mentored younger students as a youth leader and leads her peers as a school captain as she goes into her final year at school. Elana is a champion of the arts, Jewish culture and student engagement. Bialik College is a better place thanks to the efforts of Elana.

Bialik College - Zack Stein

Zack embodies the spirit of leadership and mateship. He is consistently the first to volunteer his time and energy to better the school and the world around him. Zack has been a champion of student leadership and works tirelessly to improve students involvement and engagement with their culture and the world. He has mentored younger students as a youth leader and leads his peers as a senior school captain.

Leibler Yavneh - Rochelle Wittenberg

Always enthusiastic and energetic, Rochelle exudes vibrance, passion and dedication. Rochelle volunteers for a myriad of charities and fund raising activities. She regularly donates her time to helping co-ordinate year level projects and activities and is selfless in her devotion to our College. Rochelle is an exceptional friend, always generous, kind and reliable. She is an extremely hard worker and always strives to achieve outstanding results. I have no hesitation in recommending Rochelle for the Greg Sher Memorial Award - she is a true Eshet Chayil.

Leibler Yavneh - Ari Goldberg

Ari is an exceptional young man, multi-talented, generous, kind and caring. He is an outstanding academic student, always striving to give his best to every subject area. Ari volunteers to help both the College and the wider community in a myriad of ways. The stalwart of our Yavneh Tech Crew, Ari was responsible for ensuring the audio-visual needs of our College assemblies, functions and activities ran to clockwork. Always reliable, responsible, enthusiastic and eager, Ari is every teacher and students' "dream child". A true mentch.

Mt Scopus Memorial College - Zoe Finger

Zoe has shown exceptional leadership in her role as College Captain.

Mt Scopus Memorial College - Alex Miller

Alex has shown exceptional leadership in his role as College Captain.

Sholem Aleichem College - Ellah Yaary

It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Ellah for the Greg Sher award. Ellah is a dedicated, versatile and talented student who has contributed to the school and wider communities in a variety of ways, most notably through her enthusiastic participation in the Kinder Buddy Program and the Year 5 Fundraising Initiative which collected over $5000 for the Nepal Earthquake Relief. It is not adequate to say that she accepts responsibility readily. She seeks responsibility. Ellah’s motivation is not forced upon her, nor does she wear it like a badge. She is a kind, generous and sensitive student who consistently displays the Sholem Values of a Lifetime. Ellah has my respect and my highest recommendation.

Sholem Aleichem College - Kalman Sharp

Kalman has raised Tzedakah by signing up sponsors for a Walk-a-thon and Bike-a-thon that he participated in this year. Kalman actively looks for opportunities to help others in need. He is to be commended for his initiative and effort.

The King David School - Jory Braun

Jory has involved himself in many school and community activities. In consultation with others at school, we nominate Jory Braun for this year’s award.

The King David School - Rebecca Freedman

Rebecca has involved herself in many school and community activities. In consultation with others at school, we nominate Rebecca Freedman for this year’s award.

UJEB - Name Withheld

The student has attended our after school centre in Caulfield for several years. While diligent in all areas of his work, the student displays a particular enthusiasm for Hebrew language, and has excelled in his studies this year. In addition, the student has demonstrated leadership qualities in his school setting, acting as a positive role model for other students and assisting with set up for the end of year concert. We are proud to nominate the student for this award.

UJEB - Rebekah Kirkwood

Rebekah has been attending our after school centre in Bentleigh for three years. She displays ongoing curiosity in her learning, allied to diligence and persistence. Rebekah has used the geography skills and knowledge of Israel’s water solutions in her public school Humanities project, showing her proud Jewish identity in all areas of her life. We are proud to nominate Rebekah for this award.

Yeshivah College - Yaakov Dovid Gordon

Yaakov Dovid is involved in the following programs and volunteering opportunities:
1. He travels regularly to help outlying Jewish communities such as in Tasmania, for weekends.
2. He organises various different events within school.
3. He volunteers to visit non-affiliated Jews each Friday in order to connect them with their heritage.
4. He is always willing to raise a hand and help with anything that needs to be done during and after school hours.

Yeshivah College - Ari Kornhauser

Ari is involved in various volunteering programs and organises the following:
1. He heads a Gemach (Hebrew for charitable organisation) during school, which allows students to borrow money for lunch etc
2. He has started to volunteer for Friendship Circle – a group which helps families with children with special needs.
3. Ari has prepared and presented various videos and power point presentations for school-run assemblies and activities.
4. He is always the first to raise his hand and help staff and his peers as necessary.

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