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Alexander (Wasilkowski)
First names
Alexander Daniel (Aleksander)
Service No.
Date of Death
Hebrew Date
27 Tishrei 5763
Hebrew Date
כ״ז בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשס״ג
Age at Death
How Died
Where Died
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
MCK Cemetery, Springvale, Victoria, Australia
Service Details
29th Grodno Infantry Division and 41st Suwałki Infantry Regiment, Polish Army
Red Army in Tarnopol
Age at Enlistment
Place of Enlistment
Locality on Enlistment
Date of Enlistment
Date of Discharge
1939 / 1941
Country of Enlistment
Was born Isaja Wasilkowski but known as Aleksander or Sasha Wasilkowski - subsequently he changed his name to Alexander Daniel Alexander. He took as his middle name, Daniel, the name of his brother who died during the Holocaust. His father’s name was Srol Iser Wasilkowski (or Israel Josef). A few months after gaining his matriculation in 1935, he was assigned to the Officers' School in Grodno (29th Grodno Infantry Division). After graduating as an ensign bearer and on completion of his training, he was sent for further training to the 41st Suwałki Infantry Regiment of Marshall Józef Piłsudski, stationed in Suwałki. When the war broke out in 1939, he was living in Białystok. He was recalled from the reserves and mobilised for the defence of the Osowiec Fortress, where after several days of fighting the enemy, the Polish army was defeated and dispersed. Alexander returned home to Białystok. When the Nazi-Soviet war broke out in 1941, he was living in Lwów. He was recalled 22 June 1941 and served in the Red Army in Tarnopol where he was placed in command of a military detachment, it is believed he may have been a lieutenant. His unit was bombed by the German air force; fortunately, he was able to escape from the air raids and made his way to Tarnopol and subsequently to Lwów.
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